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Club Library

YES, there is a library!
And materials are available at the meetings. All members in good standing may check out books from one meeting to the next. If you cannot make it to the meetings, drop Dave an email at to set something up.

Title Author Year Donor
Universe Guide to Stars and Planets Ridpath and Tirion 1984
Astronomy in Color Brown 1972
Universe Alternatives Farmer 1995
Microcomputers in Astronomy Genet 1983
Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes (2 vol) Webb 1962
Grand Tour: A Traveler's Guide to the Solar System Miller and Hartmann 2005
Burnham's Celestial Handbook (3 vol) (2 copies) Burnham, Jr 1978
Advanced Skywatching Burnham, Dyer, Levy, Garfinkle, George, Kanipe 1997
The Red Limit: Search for the Edge of the Universe Ferris 1983
The Amateur Astronomer's Handbook Muirden 1987
Highlights in Astronomy Hoyle 1975
Violent Universe Calder 1969
Blinded by the Light: New Theories about the Sun and Dark Matter Gribbin 1991
Celestial Basic: Astronomy on your Computer Burgess 1985
Shadows of Creation: Dark Matter and the Structure of the Universe Riordan and Schramm 1991
Horizons: Exploring the Universe (textbook) Seeds 1991
Principles of Physical Cosmology Peebles 1993
The Astronomer's Universe: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmos Friedman 1990
Superforce: Search for the Grand Unified Theory of Nature Davies 1984
Discovering the Universe (textbook) Kaufmann 1987
Man and Space (Life Science Library) Clarke 1964
Astrophysical Techniques Kitchin 1991
Introduction fo Astronomical Photometry Budding 1993
Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System Lewis 1995
The Amateur Radio Astronomer's Handbook Shields 1986
Exploring the Southern Sky (ESO pictorial atlas) Lautsen, Madsen, West 1987
New Horizons in Amateur Astronomy Fjermedal 1989
The New Astronomy Henbest and Marten 1983
Realm of the Universe (textbook) Abell 1984
Pathways to the Universe Graham-Smith and Lovell 1988
Constellations: An Enthusiast's Guide to the Night Sky Motz and Nathanson 1988
Uranometria 2000.0 Vol 1 (Northern Hemisphere star atlas) Tirion, Rappaport, Lovi 1987
Astronomy: The Evolving Universe (textbook) Zeilik 1985
Concepts of the Cosmos (textbook) Parker 1984
Asimov on Astronomy Asimov 1979
Planets, Stars, and Galaxies: Descriptive Astronomy for Beginners Fanning 1966
Exploring Space: Voyages in the Solar System and Beyond Burrows 1990
The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature Pagels 1982
Perfect Symmetry Pagels 1985
The Lighter Side of Gravity Narlikar 1982
The Discovery of Neptune Grosser 1979
The Observer'sw Sky Atlas (with star charts) Karkoschka 1999
Astrophotography: A Step-by-Step Approach Little 1986
Observational Astronomy for Amateurs Sidgwick 1971
Frontiers of Astronomy Hoyle 1955
Amateur Astronomer's Handbook Sidgwick 1971
Invisible Matter and the Fate of the Universe Parker 1989
High Energy Astrophysics (vol 2) Longair 1994
The Universe Scientific American 1957
Seasonal Star Charts (star atlas)
Astronomical Companion (2 copies) Ottewell 1979
High Energy Astrophysics (vol 1) Longair 1992
365 Starry Nights (2 copies) Raymo
The Planets Scientific American 1983
Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy Rudaux and De Vaucouleurs 1959
Skalnate Pleso Atlas of the Heavens (star atlas, field copy) Sky Publishing 1958
Photo-Guide to the Constellations Kitchin Thompson
Through the Telescope Procellino Thompson
Structures in Space Abrams and Stecker Thompson
Stars and Planets Roth Thompson
The Monthly Sky Guide (6th ed) Ridpath-Tirion Thompson
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy Bakich Thompson
Norton's Star Atlas 2000 Ridpath Thompson
Observing the Moon Wlasuk Thompson
Observing the Caldwell Objects Ratledge Thompson
Astro FAQ's Tonkin Thompson
The Medium Format Advantage Wildi Thompson
Using the Meade ETX Weasner Thompson
Practical Amateur Spectroscopy Tonkin Thompson
Deek Sky Observing Coe Thompson
Guide to Observing and Discovering Comets Levy Thompson
Night Sky: An "Explore Your World" Handbook Discovery Books Thompson
The Little Book of Stars Kaler Thompson
Stargazing with Binoculars Scagell and Frydman Thompson
Starry Night Companion Moseley Thompson
The Binocular Stargazer Peltier Thompson
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars Moore Thompson
Kope's Outer Space Directory Willow Creek Press Thompson
Astronomer's Computer Companion Lafon Thompson
Mars Observer's Guide Bone Thompson
Astronomy for Dummies Maran Thompson
How to Do Everything with your Digital Camera Thompson
The ABC's of the Internet Crumlish Thompson
Visual Astronomy in the Suburbs Cooke Thompson
Astrophotography: Featuring the fx System of Exposure Gordon Thompson
Constellation Guidebook Riiki Thompson
Star Myths Condos Thompson
Astrophotography Arnold Thompson
Secrets of Stargazing: Skywatching Tips and Tricks Ramotowski Thompson
Little Book of Coincidence: Patterns in the Solar System Martineau Thompson
Stars and Planets Pasachoff Thompson
Universe (textbook) Kaufmann Thompson
The Cambridge Planetary Handbook Bakich Thompson
Your Guide to the Sky Shaffer Thompson
Scientific American Book of Astronomy Scientific American Thompson
The Observer's Year Moore Thompson
Moon and Planets Hartmann Thompson
Splendors of the Universe Dickinson and Newton Thompson
Sky Atlas 2000 Companion Strong and Sinnott Thompson
The Photographic Atlas of the Stars Arnold, Doherty, Moore Thompson
Turn Left at Orion Consolmagno and Davis Thompson
The Whole Shebang: A State of the Universe Report Ferris Thompson
The Monthly Sky Guide (5th ed) Thompson
3-D Atlas of the Stars and Galaxies Monkhouse and Cox Thompson
Practical Astronomy: A User-Friendly Handbook for the Skywatcher Mills Thompson
Quintessence: The Mystery of Missing Mass in the Universe Krauss Thompson
The Universe in a Nutshell Hawking Thompson
Astronomy Today (3rd ed) Thompson
High Resolution Astrophotography Dragesco Thompson
Cambridge Guide fo the Stars and Planets Moore and Tirion Thompson
The Star of Bethlehem: As Astronomer's View Kidger Thompson
Telescopes and Techniques (2nd ed) Kitchin Thompson
Amateur Telescope Making Tonkin Thompson
Astrophotography for the Amateur Covington Thompson
The Birth of Time Cribbin Thompson
Three Roads to Quantum Gravity Smolin Thompson
Cosmic Close-Up Giles and Sparrow Thompson
An Introduction to Practical Astronomy Jones Thompson
Seeing the Deep Sky Schaaf Thompson
Binocular Astronomy Crossen and Tirion Thompson

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