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Articles and Videos by CUAS Members and More

Title Author Summary
The Many Transformations of the University of Illinois Observatory Annex Michael Svec The University of Illinois Observatory acquired a second-hand 30-inch Brashear reflector (See next link, below.) in 1912 with the intent of dedicating it to photoelectric photometry. A small observatory annex was built adjacent to the main observatory. This smaller observatory and its telescope underwent multiple transitions and instrument changes over the next 70 years…
The Many Lives of an Unusual Telescope Michael Svec The story of a used 30-inch reflector the University of Illinois Observatory acquired in 1912 illustrates changes in astronomy over the course of the 20th century.
History of the CUAS Dave Leake Updated to 2019!
Remote-Controlled Telescope Scott Glick Video of how Scott put together his remote controlled telescope.
Refurbishing the Dome Scope James Wehmer The refurbishing and improving of our dome scope
CDR Observatory Douge Rokke Doug shows us how to build a roll-off-roof observatory in your own backyard.
Warning! Eclipse Chasing Can Be Hazardous To Your Health! Tom Naber