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For Sale

Several refracting telescopes, donated by Jim Kloeppel, are still on display at the Staerkel Planetarium and are available to anyone. And prices have been reduced! If you collect telescopes, you may want to look at these. The remaining telescopes are:

Pacific Instruments Company 60mm Spectron Model T-7 alt-az. refractor that dates to around mid-1960s. This scope is a collectible, but the period-tripod and eyepiece are not original. Suggested selling price: $50.

Vintage Bushnell Sky Chief, Jr. Japan-made, collectible 60mm (2.4″) alt-az in excellent condition. Includes wood tripod, finder (note: finder bracket does not appear to be original), 20mm and 12.5mm eyepieces, diagonal, and erecting prism. Asking $50

Vintage Selsi 60mm (2.4″) alt-az made in Japan. Includes wood tripod, finder, diagonal, barlow, 20mm and 6mm eye-pieces, ad wood storage box. Very nice condition. Asking $60