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Dobsonian Telescope, 8 inch aperture, 16 inch focal length, $70 Local pick up only

The mirrors are have good surfaces but are not perfect. (hence the lower price) You can see the quality of the images that they form from the attached photos. Included is a top dust cover and a 90 degree reflex finder . CUAS has many eyepieces for sale but you should try some before you purchase them separately for $10 each. The finder can be stored internally to keep it clean. The 12 volt DC fan helps the mirror come to temperature equilibrium.

The attached photos include a 18 mm DSLR wide field view of the radio tower for comparison to the photos taken through the telescope itself. The moon and TV antenna close up photos were taken through the telescope itself.

I got good eyepiece views of Jupiter with satellites and rings of Saturn. THIS TELESCOPE IS EXCILLENT FOR TERESTRIAL NATURE WATCHING. Come borrow it and test it for yourself. Return if you don’t want to purchase it.

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To Purchase or Examine any of our Telescopes or Accessories, call Jim Wehmer 217-714-7786. He has most of this equipment at his house or can retrieve it from the observatory for you. Arrange a time to go to his house and he will place it on his front porch for you to examine or take home to try it out. Because of the virus, this way the social interactions will be very safe.