President’s Message

We pretty much got clouded out for the partial solar eclipse on October 14th (though
we did get to see it for about 30 seconds through a hole in the clouds. My thanks to Jim
Wehmer, Erik Johnson, Jeff Kouzmanoff and I apologize if I missed someone. Special
thanks to Jeff for taking the tent to Lincoln Square. Hopefully we’ll get to do two more
dates at the Market next year.
The open house was more successful with
mostly clear skies. My thanks to Michael
Frazier, Jim Wehmer, Bob Rubendunst, Heidi
Bjerke, John Richmann, and Ken Chapman for
participating. We had about 50-60 people
come through. I saw something curious on
the Moon that I don’t think I’ve ever seen
before. Of course, during a first quarter
Moon the sunlight is hitting the Moon at
nearly a 90 degree angle to our line-of-sight.
There was a crater pretty close to the terminator where the sunlight was filtering
through the jagged crater walls, creating an
interesting pattern on the floor of the crater.
I took a photo of it using my IPhone and the
cell phone mount attached to our 14-inch
SCT. A very strange look! Our public open
houses are officially done for the year now.
We can do one in November if we have the
volunteers and if the weather allows, though
we didn’t put the date on anything “official,” like the park district seasonal brochure.
We can talk about it at the meeting.
I hope you will vote in our officer elections. I have full faith in all who are running and
I’m also pleased that my name isn’t on the ballot! Whoever wins, I will pledge my assistance (if desired) to make for a smooth transition. Though it has been my honor to
serve, I’ve been president long enough. I’m excited for 2024! It’s nice to have fresh
ideas! I hope you will support our 2024 officer corps and participate in activities.
We’ll do the election electronically at the beginning of November and announce the
results at the meeting. You should be receiving a link to the ballot soon.
Unfortunately our November speaker, Matt Hausmann, had to cancel as he was offered
a job out west. At press time, I’m trying to find a substitute speaker. I’ll be asking for
a vote to purchase some posts, too. It appears people are discovering that new culvert
to the north of our site. In fact, I have witnessed tire tracks through the restored prairie
on the north edge of our leased site.
My wish for all of you is that you can have a wonderful, festive, and plentiful Thanksgiving! I’m very thankful for good friends!