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NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 

How To Choose a First Telescope?

Heavens Above Sky Chart (be sure to set your location when you use things like this)

Clear Dark Sky for CUAS Observatory

Astronomical seeing Champaign 40.12°N 88.24°W, 225m

Stellarium – A Planetarium for your computer

Extremely Detailed Advanced Weather Forcast for CUAS Obsarvatory

Input an image and we’ll give you back astrometric calibration meta-data, plus lists of known objects falling inside the field of view.


The latest Astronomy research news

Where to go to avoid light pollution

Objects at all size scales
Several simulators to help people learn astronomy concepts

How our Moon was Formed

Evolution of the Moon

Three-dimensional view of the major meteor showers

Sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory

More Sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory

Sky and Telescope

Find out when the ISS (and other satellites) are visible

Check on current solar activity

Illinois’ first dark sky park

William M. Staerkel Planetarium

Orion Telescope & Binoculars

University of Illinois Astronomy Department

University of Illinois Observatory

Astronomical League

North Central Region of Astronomical League

Your source for eclipse information

University of Illinois Observatory Collection

SkySafari is a planetarium in your CELLPHONE! Simply hold your device to the sky and locate planets, constellations, satellites, stars, deep sky objects.

Make a Analemmatic sundials sundial with free Shadows program

Polar sun path chart for your home’s location

Rockford IL Amateur Astronomers

Twin City Amateur Astronomers Bloomington IL

Bahtinov mask focusing Aid on Youtube

Bahtinov mask focusing Aid explanation

Imaging Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope