New Solar Telescope is available for Checkout

Our club has received the donation of a new Solar telescope by Daystar . There are two narrow Band Filters. One for prominence and one for the Cromosphere . Both filters are electrically temperature regulated using a rechargeable battery pack. In addition there is a Orion solar starseeker tracking altitude azimuth mount. It is so simple to use. You just level the tripod with the telescope pointed slightly to the left of the sun. You push the power button and it automatically locates your GPS position and finds the sun. The entire setup is contained in three easy to carry hard plastic cases. Jim Wehmer is keeping them at his house. If you wish to check them out please call him at 356-0912 and schedule a time to come and pick them up. When you get to his house ring the bell or call him. He will place the cases on the front porch so you can pick them up with zero contact. Please try and remember to give Jim your phone number so that the next person who wants to use this equipment can call you and pick it up at your house . Jim tried to take some pictures but says they do not do justice to the clarity of the prominence and the Cromosphere .

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