Astrophotography eVscope is available for CUAS member use

CUAS member Paul Smith has graciously offered to lend his astrophotography eVscope  for use by CUAS members.  Guy Hampel and Jim Wehmer tested it last month and found it to be very easy to use.  This scope costs over $3000 so it might be a good idea for Paul to show you how it works before you attempt it on your own.  You break it, you buy him a new one.  You can contact him at 217-714-6339 and set up a time and place to meet him with the scope.

You can learn all about this scope here =

Here is the user’s manual =

You should install the Unistellar App onto your cell phone, tablet, or laptop to allow you to control this telescope.

UNISTELLAR Telescopes User Guide  =

This scope will be very useful next spring when we begin having Family Skywatch and Open Houses.  One of our CUAS members can control the telescope from their cell phone while up to 10 guests can simultaneously view the images on they own devices.   This will help us maintain safe social distancing.   Below are images acquired by Guy Hampel and Jim Wehmer.  Most of these exposures were less than 5 minutes long.


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