I’ll admit that this issue snuck up on me. A week ago my son and his new bride celebrated their
wedding (they got married last year but, due to COVID, waited on a reception). Once that was done, I
guess I took a deep breath and thought about Memorial Day weekend and then . . . .BAM! The
newsletter is due out! I hope it gets to you in time. And yes, it looks like crap. Sorry about that! I
HOPE I get my computer back soon!
The “Looking Up” column details the Tau Herculid meteor shower . . . or what might be. As you all
know, there’s no accountability in social media and people pick up and post astronomical things that
have little significance – “supermoons” come to mind – and sometimes I see people playing up a minor
meteor shower and think “I wish they hadn’t done that as it may result in disappointment.” The first
time I heard about the Tau Herculids, I thought that, too. But there might be something to this one. As
this issue goes to “press,” I’m thinking I may drive out to the Middle Fork on Monday night. The
predicted peak is roughly midnight, plus or minus a few hours. Might be cool. And we might see
nothing. Meet me out there, If you wish (if it’s clear, that is).
My thanks to Jim Wehmer who gave a nice talk last month. That was followed by a continuing
discussion of power at the observatory. The details are in the “club news” section but we at least voted
down grid power. So something was decided. We’ll see what happens this month. I know people
frown on the word “committee” but, like the observatory project, it may take a small group to do the
research and then make a recommendation. We’ll see how it goes. We can’t let such a project
completely take over multiple meetings, though. Those uninterested will tune out fast.
My thanks for Jennifer Wick at the Champaign County Forest Preserve for setting up times for us to visit
the state’s first and only (to date) “dark sky park.” The next opportunity is coming up on the 18th. Due
to use of the Activity Center, note that this month’s visit is to the Water Fowl Management Area. Before
the lights near the campground were changed to lovely full-cut-off fixtures, we always met at the Water
Fowl area. Should be fun! Let’s hope for clear skies!
There’s lots of stuff going on with CUAS and it is my hope you’ll get involved. You may think you don’t
know much astronomy but all you need is an interest. It’s the simple. We all learn together! Why not
come out to a viewing session or maybe our next Market date. We can use ya!
I want to close by giving a shout-out to our buddy Guy Hampel who, I’m told, is back in the hospital.
Our thoughts are prayers are with Guy and Sher and our hopes for a quick recovery.

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