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Astroscan 4" telescope $120.00

The Astroscan is a simple introductory telescope table-top Newtonian reflector layout with a 4⅛" clear-inch (105mm) diameter f/4.2
aluminized and overcoated borosilicate glass parabolic primary mirror with a focal length of 17½ inches (445mm).
The telescope's secondary mirror was mounted on a flat optical window at the front of the tube.
It features a spherical housing around the primary reflector which sits in a cast aluminum cradle.
The design is durable and allows for simple operation by novice amateur astronomers.
It is equipped with a carrying strap to aid portability.

The general design is for low power hand-held or wide-angle work,
The primary mirror is factory aligned with no provisions for adjustment.
The Astroscan comes with 4 mm and 20 mm focal length eyepieces, giving it a magnification of 110 X and 22 X respectively.

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We have reduced the price to $100.00


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