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Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with Tripod, Wedge, and More $1000

For Sale: Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with Tripod, Wedge, and More

What's included: Meade 10" f/10 LX200 EMC Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly, Meade LX50 Fork Mount, Meade Super Wedge with custom wooden tray, Meade Heavy Duty TALL Field Tripod with 3" diameter legs, Meade Metal Dew Shield, EZ Balance Weight (to offset Dew Shield weight), Farpoint Batinov Mask, Two Meade Sliding Weight Rails and Weights, Meade 8x50 Finder, AC Adapter, Compass, Declination Motor, and Hand Controller.

Also Included: Two Spare Mounts (sans fork tines), Spare Hand Controllers, Spare Declination Motors and Gears, and Spare Drive Electronics and Motors.

Everything is in very good to excellent condition. There's a little rust on the tripod legs after being in my observatory for several years, and the paint on the sliding weights didn't hold up, but the rest of the equipment weathered the weather just fine.

Call/text Jim at 217-418-3321 or email [email protected]



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To Purchase or Examine any of our Telescopes or Accessories, call Jim Wehmer 217-714-7786. He has most of this equipment at his house or can retrieve it from the observatory for you. Arrange a time to go to his house and he will place it on his front porch for you to examine or take home to try it out. Because of the virus, this way the social interactions will be very safe.