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Solar Filter for 8" Telescopes $40

Fits 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain

  • Instantly transform your normal 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain into a yellow-light solar scope.
  • Solar safe film protects your eyes when viewing the sun.
  • Friction fits to top of scope.
  • Usually you get them for $60 to $100 new
  • Contact Jim Wehmer 217-714-7786

To Purchase or Examine any of our Telescopes or Accessories, call Jim Wehmer 217-714-7786. He has most of this equipment at his house or can retrieve it from the observatory for you. Arrange a time to go to his house and he will place it on his front porch for you to examine or take home to try it out. Because of the virus, this way the social interactions will be very safe.